Top 5 Best Snow Blowers in 2019 (Rated & Reviewed)

Best Snow blower Overall
Husqvarna ST224P - Best Snowblower Reviews
Husqvarna ST224P
  • 24 inch clearing path
  • Big 15-inch tires
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty and 5 Year Engine Warranty
  • Headlight for use in the dark
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If you get any kind of snowfall over the winter months, you understand how attractive snow blowers are. In particular, they’re most attractive when you’re facing a long or wide driveway with a snow shovel. Some of the most powerful snow throwers can heave snow yards away from your driveway or sidewalk.

Certain snow blowers work better on paved driveways while others are better on gravel. And they each have special features that make it much nicer to be out in the cold weather clearing off your driveway.

Where you live and the amount of snow you normally get each year will dictate which snow blower you choose. One thing we can all agree on, however. Nothing is more dreadful than waking up on a weekday after a heavy overnight snow and realize you must clear the driveway so you can get to work. That’s when you appreciate a snow blower the most.

Here are our top 5 picks depending on what you need out of a snowblower.

Top Ranked Snow Blowers Across All Platforms

Do you loathe shoveling the driveway and walkway regardless of how long or short they may be? Even when you’ve cleared the driveway after work, there are still mornings when an overnight snowfall makes it necessary to shovel again.

There’s no need to fear the snow when you have a powerful enough snow blower to quickly and easily clear your drive and walks. Here are our top recommendations:

 Husqvarna ST224P - Best Snowblower ReviewsCRAFTSMAN 24 Snow Blower ReviewCUB CADET 24 SNOW BLOWER 524 WE ReviewGREENWORKS 2600202 Snow Blower ReviewBRIGGS & STRATTON 1696737 Snowblower Review
Brand & ModelHusqvarna ST224PCraftsman 24"Cub Cadet 24" 524 WEGreenworks 2600202Briggs & Stratton 1696737
Stage TypeTwo-stageTwo-stageTwo-stageSingle stageSingle stage
Clearing Width24-inch24-inch24-inch20-inch22-inch
Power SourceGas, PoweredGas, PoweredGas, PoweredCorded, ElectricGas, Powered
Warranty3 Year Limited Warranty and 5 Year Engine Warranty2 Year Limited Warranty3 Year Limited Residential and 1 Year Limited Commercial Warranty4 Year Limited Warranty3 Year Limited Warranty
Item Weight198.6 lbs~200 lbs.215 lbs.32 lbs.93 lbs
Price Range$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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Ranked As The Best Overall Snow Blower
Husqvarna ST224P - Best Snowblower Reviews

The Husqvarna ST224P is the beast. It’s rated one of the top snowblowers on Amazon thanks to its astonishing features. The P is for "power steering" which can be a deal-breaker on a cold winter night when you need to get the driveway cleared fast. The Husqvarna comes with a 208cc two-stage, gas-powered engine to help you tear through snow a foot deep or more.

It also has a powerful LED headlight, an electric start that’s a really nice feature to have and can clear a 24-inch path. Finally, it comes with heated handle grips, a surprisingly nice feature to have when the temperatures drop below zero. While it’s not the most expensive Husqvarna model, it still has a fairly steep price.

  • 24 inch clearing path
  • Big 15-inch tires
  • Headlight for use in the dark
  • The price is fairly high
  • Weighs almost 200 pounds

Husqvarna makes several models of snow blowers, and the ST224P is not even the biggest, most expensive model. We’ve selected it as the best overall snow blower because of its amazing features and its versatility. If you’re not looking for the discount model, but need something powerful and reliable, you’ll love the Husqvarna ST224P. Plus Husqvarna has a wonderful warranty on their snow blowers, and they’ve been in business for decades.

Regardless of the size of your area you need cleared, the Husqvarna makes short work of it. This powerful walk-behind model offers some touches that make it a favorite, such as the big 208cc gas-powered engine, the electric starter, and enough torque and horsepower to handle your driveway and walk paths.

You can choose from 6 forward speeds and one reverse to make maneuverability easy. This means that when you only have an inch or two of snow to clear, you can attack it with a higher speed, whereas deeper snows or those covered with ice take a slower speed to chew through. The heavy duty, 15 inch tires are specially designed to cut through the snow, and the Husqvarna can clear snow drifts up to 23 inches deep and 24 inches wide, perfect for almost any snowy location.

You can easily adjust the snow chute by rotating it a full 180 degrees with a simple control that’s easily accessible. The Husqvarna throws snow out to 35 feet, more than enough to get it out of your way when clearing the driveway or sidewalk. This snow blower mixes air with the snow, making it more efficient at clearing. It’s also easier to use at night or early in the morning thanks to the LED headlights. 

Another great feature is the adjustable height: you can adjust the space between the auger that clears the snow and the ground to accommodate the depth of snow you need to clear, making it even more efficient. Finally, heated handles are brilliant. Your fingers are always the first things to get cold, and Husqvarna has you covered with heated handle grips. Simply brilliant.

2. Craftsman 24" Snow Blower

Ranked As The Best Snow Blower for Clearing Gravel
CRAFTSMAN 24 Snow Blower Review

The Craftsman name is well-known for quality and reliability. We like the Craftsman 24" Snow Blower because it works just as well on paved or gravel areas, giving you plenty of options. It comes with a 208cc 4-cycle gas engine that runs quietly and also features an electric start to make things easier.

The Craftsman 24" Snow Blower can clear a 24 inch wide path and snow up to 21 inches deep in a single pass. You also get 6 speeds going forward and two in reverse, making the Craftsman Snow Blower easy to handle and use. It sports 13 inch tires with plenty of great traction to help you move the snow blower through accumulations easily and drive it over uneven paths.

You can easily adjust the snow chute with a remote crank, but the finest feature is the excellent warranty and reliability of the Craftsman 24" Snow Blower.

  • 24 inch clearing path
  • Great traction with 13-inch tires
  • Gas powered
  • The price is moderately high
  • Weighs almost 200 pounds

Craftsman is a great name in machines like snowblowers, and the 24" is not even the biggest, most expensive model. We’re listing it as the best snow blower for gravel driveways, and it has the Craftsmen unique chute design called the EZ Chute Control. You can easily send snow wherever you want and how far you want with the simple to use hand controls for selecting distance and direction. You get a very low maintenance polymer chute is flexible for handling snow and the occasional gravel.

The Craftsman 24" Snow Blower is like the Husqvarna because it comes with an electric start, 208cc gas powered engine, but the Craftsman sports a more sophisticated and powerful engine for its size. It’s efficient to start on cold mornings as compared to a pull-cord starter, and you get the wonderful Craftsman name to stand behind it.

Again, similar to the Husqvarna, you get six forward speeds, but the Craftsman comes with two reverse speeds to help you better manage the machine. You can easily find a pace that works well for you when clearing snow of different depths thanks to so many options in forward and reverse gears. You can clear a full 24 inches wide in no time at all, and the Craftsman easily moves through snow drifts up to 21 inches high. The tires are a little on the small side, but the special X-trac traction makes them easy to maneuver in snow and on gravel, which is a huge plus.

Finally, you can easily operate the Craftsman 24" Snow Blower with a single hand controller that lets you make adjustments to the chute direction or distance without having to stop and realign everything. This helps you get through snow clearing faster and with less effort.

The only knocks we have for the Craftsman 24" Snow Blower is it lacks headlights for use in the dark, and it doesn’t have power steering. Other than that, it’s a solid performer.
Ranked As The Best Snow Blower for Idling

Cub Cadet is another great name in small engines like this 24" Snow Blower 524 WE. Like the previous options, it comes with electric start, but its standout feature is the throttle control. Other snow blowers don’t regularly come with a throttle which means they don’t idle.

So what happens when you need to step away from the snowblower to pick something up or to move something out of the way? With the throttle control on the Cub Cadet 24" Snow Blower 524 WE, you can idle the engine and go about your business.

The choke also makes for better performance in different temperatures, and you can rely on this snow blower’s performance thanks to Cub Cadet’s well-known and highly regarded engines.

  • Throttle control
  • Posi-Steer power steering functionality
  • Full, three-year warranty
  • The price is higher
  • Not Amazon Prime eligible

If money were no object, the Cub Cadet 24" Snow Blower 524 WE would be the perfect snow blower for many. As it is, the many advancements and features make it easy to justify spending a bit more than most. For example, unlike other snow blowers on the market, the Cub Cadet 24" Snow Blower 524 WE lets you control the throttle and idle the snow blower. Few other machines on the market have a throttle control, which makes it hard to choke the engine back when you need to step away to move something or if you want to adjust the power to accommodate different temperatures.

Another snazzy feature is the electronic starter that offers a quick and easy start compared to pull-cord models. And on a cold, dark winter morning, the easier and faster you can clear the driveway and walking paths, the happier you will be. You’ll also love the Posi-Steer power steering feature that makes it easy to maneuver the Cub Cadet 24" Snow Blower 524 WE on all kinds of terrain. It’s easy to guide and uses a simple trigger system on the handle. Like other snowblowers, this one comes with six forward gears and two reverse gears to make it easy to move around and accommodate different snow heights and how fast you want to move.

You can also rotate the snow chute easily and simply using hand controls, so there’s no stopping and readjusting things. They designed its snow chute to hang, and it's one of the easiest snow chutes to manipulate on the market. The Cub Cadet 24" Snow Blower 524 WE also moves a 24-inch wide path of snow, but unlike others, it can move snow up to 24 inches deep. Imagine how handy this snow blower would be at the end of your driveway where the snowplow leaves a huge pile of snow every time it goes by. And 15 inch tires make it a breeze to push through all kinds of snow and ice.

Finally, you’ll love the headlights that let you clear snow in the dark quickly and easily.

Ranked As The Best Electric Snow Blower
GREENWORKS 2600202 Snow Blower Review

Are you looking for an alternative to a gas-powered snow blower? Look no further than the Greenworks 2600202. Most electric snowblowers can't hang with the average gas one, but the Greenworks model is actually comparable to a single-stage gas powered snow thrower. And when you add on the much lower price tag, the Greenworks 2600202 is quite attractive, assuming you don’t have a large or long driveway to clear.

It’s a very compact machine, easy to store, easy to maneuver, and weighs only 32 pounds. It can throw snow up to 20 feet away, making it perfect for your driveway, patio, deck, or porch. You can adjust the snow chute a full 180 degrees to get the snow out of your way after it’s cleared, and the powerful dual LED headlights make it easy to move snow in the dark.

  • The price is right
  • Great for decks, patios, and other close-to-home spots
  • Clears up to 20 inch wide paths
  • You’re constrained by the cord
  • Only accommodates snow <10 inches deep

While most electric snow blowers are less powerful than a gas engine, the Greenworks 2600202 electric gas blowers can clear snow comparable to a single-stage gas-powered engine. When you add that functionality to its low price tag, you’ve found the best electric powered snow thrower that is also the least expensive. If you’re cognizant of your ecological footprint, this electric powered snow blower is not only great for the environment, but it’s also easy on your bank account.

The Greenworks 2600202 weighs only 35 pounds and is ultra compact, so it takes up less space and is easier to maneuver than the beasts that weigh almost 200 pounds. If you have a deck, patio, sidewalk, or other area close to your home, the Greenworks 2600202 is lightweight enough to carry it where you need it.

You get a powerful 13-amp motor that picks up the snow adequately and throws it a good distance—up to 20 feet. In addition, you can clear a 20-inch wide path in snow that’s 10 inches deep or less, which is quite a feat for such a small machine. The snow chute is adjustable a full 180 degrees, making it easy to get the snow out of your way and clear of the driveway or sidewalk.

Another great perk of the Greenworks 2600202 is that you need not buy gas and perform the maintenance a gas-powered engine requires. And while this snow thrower doesn’t propel itself like the others do, it’s lightweight enough you can easily move it where you need it.

Being electric, you simply flick a switch to turn the Greenworks 2600202 on, and you can adjust the height of the handle and its length in 3 different settings to make it the most comfortable. The power cord stores in a lock on the handlebar to keep it from getting tangled around everything. Finally, Greenworks is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality products, and they excel in providing eco-friendly electric machines.

Ranked As The Best Value Snow Blower
BRIGGS & STRATTON 1696737 Snowblower Review

If you have your mind set on a gas-powered snow blower to quickly and easily clear your driveway and sidewalks but don’t want to empty your bank account, you need the Briggs & Stratton 1696737 single-stage gas powered snow thrower. Part of the B&S 950 Snow Series, this snow thrower can easily clear a 22 inch wide path of snow up to 6 inches deep and throw it up to 30 feet away.

And it’s by far the least expensive gas-powered snow blower that boasts a 10-inch auger to easily chew up and spit out the snow. Another great feature is the snow chute that turns a full 200 degrees so you can easily get the snow out of your way.

To get this fantastic price, you sacrifice a few of the amenities of the more expensive gas-powered snowblowers, like electric start, drive speeds, and on-the-move snow chute controls. But for the price, it’s easy to do without.

  • The price is right
  • Gas-powered
  • Clears up to 22 inch wide paths
  • Pull cord start
  • Only accommodates up to 6 inches of snow
  • 8 inch tires

Don’t want the constraints of an electric-powered snow blower because the power cord might get in the way? But also don’t want to pay the hefty price of a two-stage gas-powered snow thrower? The Briggs & Stratton 1696737 snow blower is the answer to your quandary. Available on Amazon for under $400 and Prime eligible, the Briggs & Stratton 1696737 gives you the best bang for your buck. With a 22 inch wide clearing path and an opening intake height of 12.5 inches, this snow thrower features a recoil start and a 208cc engine with 9.50-foot-pounds of torque—not too shabby.

While you sacrifice some nice amenities of the more expensive snow blowers like electronic start and snow chute adjustments on the fly, you can easily justify having to pull-start the Briggs & Stratton 1696737 and manually rotate and adjust the snow chute for a price that’s less than half of the big boys. What matters most is this snow thrower gets the snow cleared away and sends it up to 30 feet away, so you need not worry about clearing snow twice off your driveway. You can also easily adjust—albeit manually—the snow chute a full 200 degrees turning radius to make sure the snow lands exactly where you want it out of the way.

Another slight drawback is the 8 inch tires that won’t move through snow like the 15-inch ones on more expensive models. But if you live in a region that gets less than a half a foot of snow in a single snowfall, the Briggs & Stratton 1696737 is more than enough snow removal equipment to meet your needs.

And weighing in at less than 100 pounds, it’s easier to move this snow blower to where you need it to go, even if you need to lift it on a deck or patio. Finally, the Briggs & Stratton name and reliability goes a long way towards satisfying your need for a reliable snow blower that will stand the test of time.

Why You Need A Snow Blower

If after reading this article, it’s not clear why you need a snowblower, here are 7 reasons it’s a good investment.

1. Someone has to clear the driveway. Since it’s probably up to you, at least make it a quick and easy job by purchasing a snow thrower.

2. Shovels are too much work. Especially for the big pile of snow left at your driveway’s end by the snowplows, moving snow by shovel is physically taxing.

3. Save time and energy. If you’ve ever spent grueling hours shoveling snow while your facial hair freezes to your face, you understand this point.

4. Reduce the risk of frost bite or heart attacks. Spending too much time in sub-zero temperatures or taxing your heart muscle by shoveling snow is dangerous.

5. Most of your family can use it. Snow blowers make snow removal so easy that almost anyone can use it. Why relegate yourself to the sole snow removal person in the house?

6. You live in a snowy climate. If you get more than a moderate dusting of snow during the winter, you truly need a snow blower.

7. You don’t want to use salt or chemicals. If you don’t want salt or chemicals to eat away at your driveway or sidewalks, a snowblower quickly and easily moves snow without harmful side effects.

Final Thoughts

Some of our reasons you need a snow blower might seem light-hearted, but there is a grain of truth in each that justifies buying a snow thrower.

If you’ve ever shoveled a driveway or sidewalk and wondered about the necessity of a snow blower, we can tell you they are one of the best investments for your home and property—especially if you get any snow accumulation in the winter months. 

A snowblower makes quick work of clearing snow and ice so you can spend more time sitting by the fireplace with your family.

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